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Red Dragon Oriental Palace Presentation:

Shop, Dine, Experience, Enjoy.

Welcome to the Red Dragon Oriental Palace, one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in the world. Designed by super creative Hollywood Filmmaker Myke Macino himself.

The buildings exterior will be all red mirror glass, with Red Dragon Oriental Palace in red lights above the main entrance, with two large torches with live flames either side of the business name, interior is red and white marble flooring throughout, on the side another built arena of martial arts for olympic and televised freestyle martial arts demonstrations, competitions  and world class boxing.

The resort consists of a high rise tower 48 Floors, with 940 Rooms, 5th Floor, 10 Offices and 5 Hotel Suites, Olympic Swimming Pool, Super Gym and health club plus, shopping centre, amusement arcade and the main casino tower which sits in the California Desert in Palm Springs on Palm Drive.

Also Fifty Brand Retail Stores, Three Roof Top VIP Restaurantes with Flood Lit Palm Trees & Red Dragons At Night, Plus Twenty Five Thousand Sq Ft Casino with 24hr Valet Parking, Open Air Arena of Red Dragon Martial Arts to seat 1000 people & because of who Myke Macino is the Roof Top Open Air Restaurantes will always be full of Hollywood's A - List Celebrities from Film,Television, & Music, Global Company CEO's and executives from the International World of Fashion.
With VIP's Friends and Associates flying in every week to Palm Springs Airport from, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, All US States, Singapore, Japan, Australia ,China & the United Kingdom Plus the rest of the world.

 All Rights Reserved  - 

 Copyright ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles.

The resort in currently under going planning, permits  futher development and feasibility.
Information, & Sales Enquiries:
Tel +1 213 788 7770 
The Red Dragon Oriental Palace is $7.4b USD Resort and is truly one of a kind celebrity haven, and international traveller resort with 47 Floors. On the lot is,  5 VIP Hotel Suites, 940 Hotel Rooms, 50 Retail Shops and Brand Stores, 3  Open Air International Restaurantes on the 5th Floor, Chinese, Thai and  Japanese, 2 Swimming Pools, & 30 Restaurants,a Five Star Luxuary Hotel. Underground & Overground Parking for 5000 Cars, Plus Coach Park for 25 Coaches.



The Red Dragon Oriental Palace in Springs California -  50 Retail Stores with Centralised Palm Trees, Seating & Services: Red Catering Units are availible for sale as a complete busienss fully equipped with all fixtures and fittings ready to trade.

Enquiries for stores & restaurantes acquisitions:

Tel+1 213 788 7770  & +1 786 758 4417,

Unit: # 1  The Candy & Juice Drinks Store 

Unit: # 2 LA Men's Wear Store 

Unit: # 3 LA Ladies Wear Store 

Unit: # 4 Lemonade Barbers Shop   

Unit: # 5 Victoria's Secret Lingerie Store

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

Unit: # 6 Shoe Carnival Store for Men & Women

Unit: # 7 Red Dragon Martial Arts Mega Superstore   

Unit: # 8 Watches of Switzerland Super Store  

Unit: # 9 JJ's Dry Cleaners Experiance

Unit: # 10 The California Gift & Souvenir Super Store

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

Unit: # 11 The Italian Shoe Store Men & Women

Unit: # 12 Kids Clothing Super Store

Unit: # 13 PC Computer Phones & Laptop Electronics Store

Unit: # 14 Lady's Nail Manicure & Pedicure Store

Unit: # 15 CJ's Breakfast Trap American Diner 

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

Unit: # 16 Midnight Sun Sunbed Store & Nails

Unit: # 17 Hardware & Army Super Mega Store

Unit: # 18 Perfect Time Jewellery & Watch Co

Unit: # 19 The Ladies & Gents Hair & Beauty Salon

Unit: # 20The $1 Mega Super Mega Store

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

Unit: # 21 California Japanese Car Showrooms

Unit: # 22 Kids Shoe & Clothes Store

Unit: # 23 Hollywood World Gift Shop Souvenirs   

Central Fountain with Palm Trees & Seating.

Unit: #24 High Voltage Tattoo Super Store

Unit: #25 American Classic Muscle Cars & Convertibles

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

Unit: # 26 Dino Designer Menswear & Shoe Store

Unit: # 27 High Voltage Tattoo Super Store & Studios

Unit: # 28 The New Yorker Coffee & Pancake Shop

Unit: # 29 Second Date Lingerie Store

Unit: # 30 VIP Luggage and Hand Bag Store

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

Unit: # 31  The Body builders Health Store

Unit: # 32 Stationary Books Cards & Gifts

Unit: # 33 10 to 10 Pharmacy Store

Unit: # 34 The International Purfume Store

Unit: # 35 Toy Store of the Americas

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

Unit: # 36 Blue White Diamonds Jewelry Store

Unit: # 37 The Organic Body Shop Mega Store

Unit: # 38 Banana Republic Menswear & Ladies Wear Boutique Store

Unit: # 39 The Foxy Lady Cosmetics Beauty Store

Unit: # 40 The Dress & Suits Galore Store.

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

Unit: # 41 HFM Mens High Class Hairdressing & Grooming

Unit: # 42 The Italian Leather Store, Leather Goods

Unit: # 43 Victoria's Secret

Unit: # 44 VIP Designer Mens & Sports Wear Store

Unit: # 45 Kingdom of Trainers

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

Unit: # 46 Elegance Womens Hairdressing & Beauty of Beverly Hills

Unit: # 47 The Designer Sun Glasses Store

Unit: # 48 High Tech - Laptop Galore Store & Internet Cafe

Unit: # 49 Americano California Coffee & Pancake Shop

Unit: # 50 24Hr ATM Center

Ladies & Gents Rest Rooms - Air Conditioned.

RD Spa Palm Springs.jpg
Red Dragon Resort Spa.jpg
RD Spa.jpg
Red Dragon Resort Palm Springs.jpg

The Red Dragon Oriental Holiday Resort Spa & Casino Palm Springs California -  30 Restaurantes:     

       [ Coming Soon ]

All Resturantes Fully Air Conditioned with Ladies & Gents Restrooms. Centralised Palm Trees.

Breakfast & Lunch 5 Restaurantes

Unit: #1 –  The Continental Buffet

Unit: #2 – Amy's Breakfast Trap

Unit: #3 – The Cheesecake Factory

Unit: #4 – Dunkin Donuts Coffee Shop

Unit: #5 – Americano Ham & Eggs Pancakes House


Casual Dining 22 Restaurantes

Unit: #6 – Burger & Beyond

Unit: #7 –  Firehouse Subs

Unit: #8 – Andreas Greek Meze Bar

Unit: #9 - Red Hot Chicago, [Hot Dogs]

Unit: #10 – Tex Mex, Mexican Restaurant 

Unit: #11 – Fat Burger

Unit: #12 – Jack in the Box

Unit: #13 – Just Pizza Pasta

Unit: #14 – Flames Steakhouse

Unit: #15 – Sbarro Italian Eatery

Unit: #16 – Panda Express

Unit: #17 – Five Guys Burger

Unit: #18 – Yum Yum Chinese Buffet

Unit: #19 - Taco Bell Mexican Restaurant

Unit: #20 – Arby's Roast Beef Sandwiches

Unit: #21 – Tortilla California Burritos & Tacos

Unit: #22 – Flames Steakhouse

Unit: #23 – California Pizza Kitchen

Unit: #24 – KFC Chicken Restaurant

Unit: #25 – Subway Express Sandwiches

Unit: #26 – Chipotle Mexican Grill

Unit: #27 – New York Hot -N- Ready Pizza  

Fine Dining 3 Celebrity Resturantes - VIP High Security Dining.

Unit: #28 - Osaka Japanese Restaurant Buffet & Bar, Rooftop Open Air Cuisine.

Unit: #29 – Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant Buffet & Bar Rooftop Open Air Cuisine

Unit: #30 – Mumbai Nights Indian Restaurant Buffet & Bar Rooftop Open Air Cuisine



Red Dragon Oriental Palace_edited.jpg
Red Dragon Oriental Palace.jpg

The Red Dragon Arena of Martial Arts is a Exhibition centre is for competitions, tournaments televised Boxing, with seating for 10,000 people. Whereas spectators can book into the Red Dragon Hotel or for something more upmarket the Macino Plaza minutes away. Admission only $20 for all at the arena for all afordability for all to enjoy world class martial arts with the top fighters of the world. Outside main entrance two large torches with live flames.

Red Dragon Arena of Martial Arts

 International Televised Events

The Red Dragon Oriental Holiday Resort Spa Palm Springs California USA - Construction Budget:


Departments  -                              $ Estimated USD

Land Acquisition                              2,000,000,000 

Design                                                10,000,000 

Construction                                     1,950,000,000 

Structural Engineering                   94,000,000 

Interiors & Air Conditioning            1,565,000,000 

Lighting                                               544,000,000 

Marble Flooring                                 512,000,000 

Legal Fees                                          64,045,000

Contingency                                      74,000,000 

Completion Bond                              37,000,000 

Marketing                                            520,000,000 

Publicity                                              14,000,000 

Electrical                                             7,230,000

Water                                                    8,725,000 

Budget USD                                        7,400,000,000 

Grand Total USD                              $7,400,000,000 Billions.

Macino Plaza Resort Location.jpg

Please do not visit any of our global offices without an appointment, Or to deliver mail or anything else. As you will not be seen by any executive and security will not allow you into the buildings. CCTV & 24 Hr Camera Operations in Progress.  nor do they accept any unsolicited phone calls, or material, scripts, gifts, e-mail's or faxes or anything else. All emails , phone calls and communication is fully  monitored twenty four hrs a day, seven days a week by and  our international security division, see our  Legal disclaimer Click here.

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