Myke Macino:
Martial Arts:

Myke Macino has fought in Los Angeles and London for team GB, The UK Martial Arts Team and was a world champion freestyle martial artist. Today in between making Hollywood Films, Myke Macino teaches self defence to men & woman and children across the world by invitation only.  


Myke Macino's Ninja, Red Dragon & Freestyle Martial Arts system of superior attack, offers the best of both worlds when it comes to a self defense, physical fitness, social, and emotional well-being program that you can trust.


Red Dragon & Ninja Martial Arts ] combines several different styles of martial arts from Thai Boxing, Judo, Ninjutsu, Aikido, Taekwondo which offer a very modern and practical self defense system that blends with the values, principles, and techniques of a traditional system that is hundreds of years old. And Ninja Weapons training, such as Tonfa, Nunchucka, Throwing Star and Samuari Sword Attack.


Training focuses on the positive reinforcement of responsible behavior which fosters respect, self-confidence, and discipline. Myke Macino has been doing martial arts for 35 years. Now he accomplished his 7th Dan Black Belt after grading in Japan in 2017.   



 The Dragon Ninja is the symbol of Strength, Power and Good Luck. 

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